Back when a 20 inch TV was considered large, and we as kids sat 3 inches from the screen, Nintendo gave us a cord that was nearly 8 feet long with the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Fast forward a little over 30 years, and Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition with a cord so short, it won't reach across my desk. Thankfully, aftermarket suppliers have provided us with two solutions to this problem: an extension cord for those of you that don't mind wires, and a wireless controller by the company that makes the best wireless replicas on the market, 8Bitdo. The links to buy either of these is in the description below, but obviously this review is about the controller.

Most of you are here because the idea of the extension cord was either unpalatable, or you simply didn't know there was an extension cord option. 8Bitdo makes some of the most aestetically and texturally accurate wireless controllers available. The SNES30 bluetooth controllers I reviewed felt like real Super Nintendo controllers with the cords cut off. So when 8Bitdo announced they were releasing a solution for the ridiculously short wired controller of the NES Classic Edition, I knew I had to have it. 

The NES30 Classic Edition Set is a repackaged NES30 Game Controller with an included wireless adapter to overcome the lack of bluetooth on the NES Mini. I'm guessing the NES30 Classic Edition Set, which I will refer to as CES for the rest of this review, was rushed to market as 8Bitdo saw the overwhelming demand of the NES Mini. I say that because of all of the controllers I own by them, these have the cheapest packaging I've seen. However, somehow they have still managed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to their amazing execution of delivering a solid product.

The first thing you will notice about the NES30 CES is the controller design. Unfortunately, 8Bitdo does not make an exact replica of the original NES controller. The NES30 CES is more of a SNES controller in a NES formfactor. It has a 4 button layout on the front, with L and R buttons on the top. The front buttons all act as B & A replicated, and the L & R buttons act as B & A turbo buttons. This is good for those moments when you need turbo, but bad because your fingers are occasionally pressing L and R by accident resulting in Mario falling in holes he hasn't fell through since your early childhood. Still, not being tethered 5 inches from the console makes this wireless option a much better choice. 

But what about that one last nagging question? Do I have to get up and walk across my room and press reset every time I want to change games now? The answer, simply put, is no. The wireless controllers have a built in reset function. To get back to the game select menu, you simply press down and select at the same time, and the NES Mini will return you to the home screen.

The NES Classic Edition console, in its own right, is a very affordable console, given you didn't buy it from eBay, Craigslist or an Amazon reseller. With the love of the original NES console, most gamers my age would have willingly paid more than the $60 Nintendo is asking for it. And that's good, because buying two of these controllers will set you back more than the cost of NES Mini itself. They definitely are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. So while these controllers might not be quite as aestetically accurate as the SNES30 controllers, in my opinion they are definitely the best choice for wireless. 

- Elemino