A Super Nintendo clone Bluetooth controller for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

8Bitdo SNES30 Game Controller

This little guy will appeal more to the 80s and 90s babies than anyone else. It’s nearly identical to the original Super Nintendo and Super Famicom controllers, but without the annoying limitation of having a cord. This is the SNES30 Game Controller by 8Bitdo.

Emulators have become a big part of our lives as we long to play the games we grew up with, but the consoles we once owned were either lost or no longer working. As we’ve moved from system to system to play these emulators, the controllers have changed along the way, with the most recent being the Xbox controller in my situation.

The consoles themselves are collectors’ items, but the games have become easy to obtain. So what if you have an emulator on your PC, Android TV, or Raspberry Pi? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using an Xbox or Shield controller, but if you want the real deal experience, you need the SNES30 Game Controller.

The SNES30 is exactly what you think it is, a Super Nintendo clone right down to the colors, text, and even the texture. 

The only real difference is the SNES30 uses Bluetooth instead of a physical cable, making it compatible with nearly any computer, phone, tablet, or other smart device. A computer such as a desktop or Raspberry Pi without Bluetooth capabilities can use a Bluetooth dongle to add the capability. 
Once you pair a SNES30 or two to your device, map the buttons in setup keeping in mind Nintendo has thier buttons reversed, and proceed to relive your childhood.

If you’re interested in buying the SNES30, check the links in the video description below. I’ve also placed a link below for an awesome Bluetooth dongle if you need one. Relive your childhood, and game on!

- Elemino