Console and master race gamers both swooned when Microsoft released the Elite Controller in late 2015. The elite controller, without a doubt, is the single best controller on the market. Master race gamers love it for racing and fighting games, and Xbox gamers love it for just about everything else. So when a company releases the best controller ever, and they name it “Elite”, can it get any more elite than Elite? How about a limited edition Gears of War 4 Elite edition controller?

Each controller comes with a very nice carrying case, because you might be so elite, you travel with your own controller. You also get a custom braided USB cable, and of course the signature removable and interchangeable thumbsticks, D pads, and paddle buttons. 

The controllers both have a profile switch in the center of the game pad, giving you the option to switch your button mappings and settings on the fly. On the rear you will find the hair trigger locks for the triggers, with the paddle buttons below. Other than that, the buttons on the controller are the same as the other controllers, with the exception of the binding button. The bind button not only pairs the controller with your Xbox One or USB Wireless adapter, but pressing it twice quickly enables or disables the paddle buttons. 

So what do all these tweaks and extras do for your gaming experience? Giving you two additional lengths for thumbsticks allows you to transition from quick response, to more accurate movement. Using a longer thumb stick gives you greater control, meaning your shots are more likely to hit their mark than using the standard length thumbsticks. Replacing the traditional 4 direction D-pad with the 8 direction dish style D-pad lets you perform fighting maneuvers that use sweeps much easier than before, while allowing the use of the D-pad for that precision accuracy while fighting your opponents. The hair trigger locks reduce the full travel of the triggers significantly. Allowing you to rapidly pull the trigger in succession, much faster than on the original controller. And what is probably the most exciting feature to me, the rear paddle buttons allow you to press the X,Y,A and B buttons without taking your thumb off the right thumbstick. This means you can literally be in close combat, run and gun, and switch weapons or reload without losing your aim. Something that has frustrated me in multiplayer gaming since the original Halo released in 2001. 

So what makes the Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Elite Controller so special? Mostly, being a Gears of War fan boy, and that I am. I geeked out so hard while unboxing this controller, and for someone that loves the franchise as much as I do, it was a very special moment. Everything from the box, to the carrying case, to the cable, to the buttons, and scratches which are actually grooves in the controller, and even the hidden “Gears of War 4” and “Grub Killer” text show a great attention to detail. It might simply be a skin, but it’s a great skin indeed. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and for someone who absolutely loves this game, this controller is a must have… That is, if you can get over the fact it’s $50 more elite than the standard elite controller.

So what do you think of the Elite Controller and the Gears of War 4 Elite Controller? If Gears of War isn’t your style of game, what’s your favorite game and would you buy a limited edition elite controller for it if Microsoft offered one? Tell me in the comments below. Also, are you using an Elite Controller already? Are you using it on Xbox or PC? Tell me, in the comments below.

- Elemino