Elemino Musgrove – Founder / CEO / Executive Producer / YouTube Personality

Elemino Musgrove  Founder / CEO / Executive Producer / YouTube Personality

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Executive Producer, and YouTube Personality,  Elemino Musgrove, began TwistedCurve Productions with a budget of $0, lots of determination, and the drive to self educate in all areas necessary to run such a business. 

Elemino was born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. He is a self taught computer enthusiast and builder since elementary school, learning most of his skills long before a simple web search for knowledge was common place. After leaving high school, Elemino worked full time in retail for 8 years. Taking pride in his work, and striving for excellence, he became the top salesman in his store, and was in the top 2 for the region, his final year in retail.

Holding a degree in Electronics Technology, with a focus in telecommunications, Elemino left retail to work in a field he had

always been passionate about. He worked as a  electronics repair, test, and build engineer for the next 5 years. As it became evident the electronics field was struggling to recover after the recession of 2008, and employment in the field was unlikely to lead to advancement, Elemino decided to follow his other passions.

Building on his retail experience, Elemino started a small company by the name of EzGrabs, Inc.. EzGrabs was an online store to buy refurbished electronics, most of which were refurbished by Elemino himself. He eventually added a service for local customers, named EzSWAT, for technical services such as computer repair, data recovery, and mounting flat panel screens. The success of the services led to the elimination of the online store. 

In 2015, using his passion and knowledge for tech, Elemino teamed up with a childhood friend to start a YouTube sports channel by the name of #Champs (Hashtag Champs). Three weeks later, the channel Tech-Know Scope was created as a side project to show Elemino's love and enthusiasm for technology. The unexpected success of Tech-Know Scope and the realization of video monetization led to the creation of what is today, TwistedCurve Productions LLC. TwistedCurve Productions is under the direction and leadership of Elemino Musgrove.

Today, Elemino Musgrove, lays claim to the titles Founder, CEO, Executive Producer, and YouTube Personality, just some of the many jobs he tackles daily at TwistedCurve Productions, LLC. 


Twitter Handle: @EleminoMusgrove