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TwistedCurve Productions LLC is a Dallas based media production company which produces professionally recorded videos and photography. It also serves as an in-house multi-channel network (MCN) for YouTube and other internet based productions and content providers. TwistedCurve Productions is under the direction and leadership of Elemino Musgrove.

Founded in Garland, Texas in 2015, TwistedCurve Productions is a production company which produces video and photography for YouTube and other online streaming platforms, small business commercials, weddings, etc.. TwistedCurve Productions is also an entry for other podcasters with a desire to enter the market. Future goals include positioning to make web series and movies in the areas of drama and comedy, and expanding into music through Music Kast.

Elemino Musgrove

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Executive Producer, and YouTube Personality, Elemino, leads the direction and operations of TwistedCurve Productions, LLC.

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